Outings with children

In the Salzkammergut are many fun days out for children:

The Nature House

Spreading over more than 7,000 m², Salzburg’s most popular museum shows nature from its most exciting side: from fascinating underwater worlds in the aquarium to extraterrestrial experiences in the space hall; from gigantic dinosaurs from bygone days to journeys into the human body.

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‘Rumingmühle Zwergerlweg’

The Zwergerlweg in Fuschl is a newly created theme trail, which is located between the Rumingmühle and Ellmausteinweg. With the phrase “Once upon a time there were many dwarfs who lived in the Seppenhölzl near the Rumingmühle on Lake Fuschl …” fairy-tale loving families take a trip that promises not only a leisurely hike, but also a little bit of magic – an exciting experience for the whole family!

Salzburg Zoo

Meet your favorite animals, take a look behind the scenes of the daily life of the zoo and see it from a new perspective. Accompanied by an employee of the Zoo School, the walk through the Salzburg Zoo becomes a tailor-made event.

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Abarena and the Village of the Animals

Feed the rabbits, ride one of the pedal karts, find treasures, bounce on the trampoline, watch the pigs and geese, build a sandcastle, stroke one of the little goats …

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